Our platform is easy-to-use with tons of awesome features, as follows:

a) Mobile-friendly Dashboard – Our dashboard lets you manage everything from monitoring your URLs/ links, create link categories, splash pages, custom profile settings to social sharing, do it all in just few clicks. It’s a 24/7 web-based system, all links can be managed from anywhere, any device, any time - no fuss!

b) Flexibility with Wealth of Options – Each individual URL can be archived for future use, edited/ customised any time, categorised for easy links management (using the bundle feature), locked and set within a user profile for private or public access plus other options!

c) Geo-targeting – Users can choose to redirect visitors to a different page based on a specific location/ country.

d) Powerful Analytics – Track the amount of clicks, where they came from (referrers) by countries. With an easy-to-use interface and mapping analytics, our system allows you to track all your links campaign at a glance, this helps you to analyse and understand your target audiences in no time!

e) Redirection – Online marketers often use technique to redirect users to different web pages (landing page, bonus page, upselling, down-sell etc) through the process of sales funnel to make a conversion. Within our URLs shortening platform, this is possible to a certain extent and any URL can be redirected as direct or frame or custom splash page using the built-in splash page creator (custom splash page is available for Pro version only).

f) Custom Domain Name – Rather than creating links under our domain myminiurl.net, you can use your own company or organisation domain (with or without SSL) to personalize and brand your shortened links.

g) Custom Splash Page – A custom splash page is a transitional page where it can be customised with a banner, an avatar and a "call to action" message to represent/ promote a product/ service, brand or company. Custom Splash Page is extremely powerful for marketing purposes when use in conjunction with the redirection feature (Pro version only).

h) Social Sharing – No doubts that the social media is currently a powerful marketing tool for any business or oganisation. Our platform has built-in social sharing feature to share your links in one click via the dashboard to expand your reach and enhance the power of viral marketing and SEO.

i) Password Protect URL – Set a password to protect your URLs from unauthorized access, thus requiring visitors to enter the set password to access a specific page. This is useful if you want to share content to a particular group of audiences.

j) Media Gateway Page – This is a unique feature that is enabled by default and it can create media splash pages for URLs automatically that are associated with YouTube, Vine, Dailymotion. However, registered users can override this option from user’s settings via the dashboard.

k) Cross-platform Support – Our platform runs smoothly on most modern browsers and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets & phablets).

l) Export URLs – URLs can be exported as CSV along with a summary of the statistics (Pro version only).

m) Bookmarklet Tool – Bookmarklet tool allow a user to bookmark any URL on the fly and shorten it instantaneously (providing that the user is logged-in). Also, it will be saved automatically to the log-in account for future access.

n) Bundles Feature – Categorise all links campaign in a logical manner for easy access and share them to the world via the user public profile (public profile can be disabled from the dashboard setting).

o) QR Code Generator – QR code will be created automatically for each shortened URL, this can be copied and downloaded as png file.

p) Developer API – Advanced users only. We provide an API system that users can use to shorten URLs from their own applications and save them in the account. Users can use the API Key to fetch data about a URL, provided that the permission is sufficient to do so (more info in the member area).

q) Overlay – Use our overlay tool to display unobtrusive notifications on the target website. A perfect way to send a message to your customers or run a promotion campaign (more info in the member area).

r) Event Tracking – Add your custom pixel from providers such as Facebook and track events right when they are happening (more info in the member area).

s) Premium Aliases – Choose a premium alias for your links from our list of reserved aliases for SEO keywords (more info in the member area).

t) Free Marketing Content & Bonuses – We offer free digital materials in these evergreen topics: SEO courses, social media, internet marketing strategies, search engine rankings tips, traffic generation, brand exposure etc. Keep an eye on our announcement or follow us on social media for hot news.

And Much More . . . More Tools Coming Soon!