About Us

MyMini URL or myminiurl.net platform is backed-up by a team of professional Internet Marketers and Webmasters who are forward-thinking; rest assured that we are the one that truly offer the No.1 URLs shortening service that you will ever find on the internet. Above all, MyMini URL is totally free and unlike other services, we do more than just shorten URLs – don't take our word for it and check it out!

Looking at how online communities are evolving, we are curious and awalys on the lookout for better tools out there to help you to streamline the tedious work (e.g White Hat SEO strategy) that most of us are facing – this is where we come in.

Our service lets your target your customers to better understand their browsing behavior and provide them a better overall experience through smart re-targeting. You will be equipped with the most powerful tools to reach them better and unlike other tools with short project life-span, our visionary goal is huge with clear road map and Search Engine Marketing in mind. Without attempting to reinvent the wheel, myminiurl.net was born with advanced tools but easy to use and it can only get better, thanks to our development team!

Here are some of our jam-packed features – overlay tool to display unobtrusive notifications on the target website, password protect, geo-targeting, redirection with direct or frame or custom splash page options, powerful analytics and more inside the member area. Check out our Features Page.

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Also, we work in partnership with other reputable service providers globally and together we are able to access different platforms and tools for your convenience (more to come soon). The development does not stop here, it will only get bigger and better, look no further . . .

What makes us stand out from the crowd is the strategic SEO approach that we offer in our platform and the provision of our up-to-date tools, marketing content etc, hence the strapline:

“Shorten URLs and execute your link strategies like a Pro”

Also, inside the member area (once you’ve registered with us), we will update you with free digital materials in these evergreen topics: SEO courses, social media, internet marketing strategies, search engine rankings tips, traffic generation, brand exposure etc.

Our aim is to provide quality tools and useful content to help you to succeed in all your endeavours. Although the service is free, please take it seriously and don’t abuse the platform – remember, "FREE" doesn’t mean free to us.