1) What is exactly URLs shortening service?

URLs shortening service is a method to shorten the site URL (on the World Wide Web) for easy links management and to be directed to a required web page. Nowadays, in terms of internet marketing, URLs shortening service can do more . . .

2) Who can benefit from using such URLs shortening service?

Here are few common scenarios:

a) For anyone sending emails – Every now and again we communicate via emails from desktop and mobile devices. There are times when we need to paste long links in email clients (Outlook, Gmail etc) such as newsletters but end up as “broken links” when it arrives at the recipients end, this issue is common due to its length that breaks up in email posting. Our service can solve this problem.

Also, would you like to send an email with this ugly long link (all the query strings and slashes) like:


OR shorten it as http://www.myminiurl.net/iphone-6

b) For Affiliates – Online marketers can hide their affiliate links via our service; masking link is a method to serve one set of content to the search engine spiders, and then serving different content to “human” visitors. It’s obvious that marketers don’t want to reveal affiliate links to the web visitors. Different content can be served based on IP and/ or geo-targeting.

c) For Businesses – Any companies would want to promote links sharing especially in social media channels and measure its performance. With our platform, any business owners can categorise, compile, share and monitor all live clicks data, where they came from (referrers), traffic source by countries and more. These types of analytical data will provide useful insight to companies about how, when and where customers are coming from and their interests. Most importantly, you will be equipped with knowledge, knowing which advertising platform is working and which ones aren’t delivering to avoid costly advertising revenues. When it comes to Internet Marketing or SEO, there is no pot luck, you need to get the strategy right the first time and our tool will act as a springboard for your business growth.

3) Can I rebrand my shorten links?

Yes, simply choose the domain that you wants and we'll sort out the rest (we do the technical setup) and in no time, you will share your branded links to reach your target audiences.

4) Why choose us?

Our URLs shortening platform set us apart from our competitors and it is designed for both normal and advanced users such as online marketers. The platform is backed-up by a team of professional Internet Marketers and Webmasters who are forward-thinking; rest assured that the service is top-notch and will only get bigger and better in its development.

Unlike similar tools over the net with short project life-span (created by a bunch of programmers with no strategy), our visionary goal is huge with clear strategic road map and without reinventing the wheel, myminiurl.net was born with better tools and Search Engine Marketing in mind, hence the strapline “Shorten URLs and execute your link strategies like a Pro”.

Our platform is easy to use with tons of awesome features - Visit our Features Page

5) How to get started?

Get your URL shorten in no time by simply pasting the long URL in the field where it says “Paste a long URL”. After the URL is shortened, please verify it by visiting the shortened URL in the web browser.

And clicking the “Advanced Options” button will give you extra URL shortening features such as custom alias, password protect and geo-targeting. If you have different pages for different countries then it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same URL from the “Geotargeting” drop-down menu, in this case simply choose the country and enter the URL. The best is to explore the system and test the shortened URL via the web browser to see how it works . . . seeing is believing!

6) Why do I need to register?

By registering as a member, you will have access to more features including URLs/ links management, redirection feature, comprehensive analytics, bookmark feature, media gateway page, social share, geo-traffic source, marketing tips plus other bonuses!

7) How much does it cost?

Nothing! We will always keep the Starter Package a free service for everyone to use.

8) What is a Splash Page?

Good question. Usually a splash page is like a landing page on World Wide Web that the web visitor sees first before being given the option to continue to the main part of the site. Like an elevator pitch, splash page is ideal to promote a company, service or product in the shortest possible time-frame. If used appropriately with interactive graphics and sounds it can entice the web visitors to explore further. Professional online marketers use splash page in their sales funnel and conversion process, it is a proven marketing strategy.

Our Custom Splash Page will redirect user to the main page automatically within a set time-frame.

9) Where do I get a reference to the QR code of my shortened URL?

Thanks to the dynamic QR code generator. Once a URL is shortened, the QR code can be accessed by simply adding /qr at the end of the shortened URL:

E.g http://mydomain.com/alias/qr 

Different QR code sizes (max allowable size is 545 x 545) can be accessed by adding a size parameter at the end of the URL QR code:

E.g.  http://mydomain.com/alias/qr?size=400x400

10) Where do I get a reference to each URL Statistics?

Once a URL is shortened, the URL Statistics can be accessed by simply adding + (plus sign) at the end of the shortened URL:

E.g http://mydomain.com/alias+

11) How do I get a Pro Account?

This is a limited offer and during our launch we are giving away FREE Pro version for the first 100 sign-up (Terms and Conditions Apply). We are aiming to get 500 Facebook Likes during our launch – by simply go to our Facebook page and hit the “Like” button, that is all! If you haven’t done so, please follow the steps below:

a) Firstly, sign-up for a FREE account (if you have completed this step, you’re already eligible)

b) Go to our Facebook Page and hit the ‘Like’ button.

c) Email us via our Contact Us form to say that you have liked us on our Facebook Page for our own verification. Once it's verified by our support team, we will upgrade your account.

By using our service, you agree to be bound by the service terms and provisions of myminiurl.net, all of which service terms & provisions are subject to change within myminiurl.net sole discretion, at any time.

12) What is the term of use?

We incorporate Google safe browsing and PhishTank look-up and other security features to ensure that the system is robust and reliable for serious people. Although the service is free, please take it seriously and don’t abuse the platform. Any use for spamming or illegal purposes is forbidden and we reserve the right to blacklist your account and report you to SPAM detectors and ISPs network globally.

We do not allow URLs with inappropriate content to be shortened, including material which is obscene, indecent, pornographic, seditious, deceptive, offensive, defamatory, threatening, liable to incite racial hatred or acts of terrorism, menacing, blasphemous or in breach of any third party Intellectual Property Rights.

The service provided from myminiurl.net is offered "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE", and therefore we do not assume any liability or warranty concerning its use and availability, punctuality or any adverse effects in your business or for personal use.

For more info, read the full Service Terms and Disclaimer